Recurring Fashion Trend

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Published: 11th November 2010
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We may sometimes questioning of what era do we live since we often found our momís or grandmaís collection attire on the shop windows. The answer is simple, yes we live in present time when fashion trends always have a way of repeating themselves, and every time a certain style comes back into popularity somehow it always manages to feel new again.

Just name it: vintage, retro, hippie, mod, disco, bohemian, etc, most of them are now back on track. Going back in time to find our most fashionable look has become a mainstream phenomenon. Just as they do today, Hollywood icons were fashion trend setters in yesteryear as well. Celebrities and regular folks alike are often seen wearing vintage dresses these days. From the hottest music videos and concerts to the local talent shows and malls. Barbra Streisand is known as the first world-celebrity to wear and perform in vintage clothing and Kate Moss was recently featured in the pages of InStyle wearing a vintage 1960s green print shift.

As western clothing is known for their simplicity and ease of use, people are also love to wear vintage western shirts, hats, boots, and denim. Every vintage look can be perfectly accented with a few vintage accessories. All across the world, embellished belt buckles and worn out leather boots can be seen in fashion magazines and on fashion show runways.

The popularity of vintage western clothing has been sparked by a renewed interest in comfortable. Now, we can incorporate that same style as our momís or grandmaís into our own wardrobe in most fashionable way for less than we might think. Yes, fashion trends are referential and recurring, but at the same time new ones pop up, allowing us to visually reflect the world around us.

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